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YO1 strives to address your personal concerns while empowering you on your lifelong journey to lasting wellness. Every experience at YO1 Wellness Center is based on a customized wellness plan featuring Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, Yoga, and Acupuncture therapies curated for each guest to rejuvenate and awaken the body’s ability to self-heal. Compassionate practitioners and therapists use their experience, understanding, and wisdom to guide guests through a series of therapies, meeting with guests each day of the program to counsel them on their progress. The expertise and therapies advised by these Wellness Counselors will promote optimal health of the body and longevity long after completion of the program.


Detox & Rejuvenate

​Consider a stay at YO1 as an opportunity to rid your body of unwanted substances and purify the body. Guests are immersed in a variety of therapies that gently cleanse the body of toxins and leave them feeling lighter and refreshed.

Improve My Lifestyle

Our dedicated and authentic approach to self-care, healing, and education ensures that guests will not only leave feeling relaxed and re-energized but profoundly changed and ready to live their best life.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

​If you’re committed to living a more balanced and fulfilling life, then maintaining a healthy lifestyle that nourishes and invigorates your body is fundamental. Guests can expect to receive natural therapies and nutritional guidance that will help them safely reduce their weight gradually and maintain it long after their stay.

Manage My Pain Naturally

Ease pain and discomfort through the healing therapies at YO1. The therapeutic techniques used on guests are designed to not only provide relief to the body but also identify the underlying reasons causing pain to enable a more effective recovery.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Retreat from modern day stresses and experience peace and clarity at YO1. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Catskill Mountains, guests can partake in a variety of relaxing therapies aimed at reducing tension in the body and increasing longevity in a naturally soothing atmosphere.

Explore YO1

Guests can explore a select number of therapies curated for their unique dosha, connecting mind, body, and spirit, by obtaining a day pass to YO1. During your visit, our expert practitioners will meet with you to address the root cause of your health concerns, suggesting Eastern holistic therapies and education to restore your health and improve your life.

More Ways to
Experience YO1

At YO1, we believe wellness can be incorporated in every aspect of life. Whether you’re hoping to encourage creativity and enthusiasm among colleagues in a flexible and inspiring space or you’re simply looking for a way to motivate yourself and/or friends to get your health on track and make the lifestyle changes you seek, YO1 can assist you in creating a customized experience that will make your time spent here unforgettable.


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We welcome the opportunity to assist you. If you would like to learn more about the wellness pathways or therapies offered at YO1, please contact us to speak directly with a YO1 Wellness Center representative.

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