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Yoga therapy at YO1 allows guests to take a deep dive into underlying conditions and provides the opportunity for guests to realign their mental and physical health through a series of cleansing techniques (Kriyas) and postures (Asanas).

Compassionate experts use their experience, understanding, and wisdom to guide guests through a series of yoga postures and cleansing techniques that will help guests experience a newfound peace and confidence. Our yoga therapies seek to not only calm the mind and leave guests feeling revitalized but promote optimal health of the body and longevity. Yoga therapies at YO1 can improve a variety of conditions, including but not limited to migraine, sinusitis, asthma, and indigestion.

Yogic Therapies



Jal Neti

Nasal cleansing through lukewarm saline water

Cleanse your sinuses and breathe easier with this cleansing technique. Neutral saline water is passed through oral breathing from left nostril to the right nostril (and vice-versa) for about 5 to 7 minutes. It can effectively treat conditions like rhinitis, sinusitis, nose block, DNS (deviated nasal septum), and all allergic conditions.


Frontal cleansing breathing exercise

Open up your lungs and experience a heightened awareness of breath. This cleansing exercise involves continuously exhaling one breath per second without inhalation. Through this exercise, the lungs are emptied and inhalation is improved. This is an effective exercise for the lungs, chest cavity, and abdominal organs.


Gazing eye exercises

Cleanse and comfort your eyes with this revitalizing cleansing technique. In this therapy, guests are asked to focus on one point (such as a point on the wall, a candle light, or the tip of a thumb), until tears fall from their eyes. The eyes are then given a soft touch by the palms for a minute. This exercise can improve eyesight, concentration, and mental stability.


Cleanse your throat cavity during the morning with this naturally purifying Yogic kriya. In this technique, lukewarm saline water is used to gargle early in the morning. This technique helps with fever, thyroid disorder, sore throat and tonsil issues.

Sutra Neti

Nasal cleansing with a disposable rubber catheter

Enjoy the breath of fresh air you’ve been seeking with this yoga therapy. In this cleansing technique, a rubber catheter is slowly inserted through the nasal passage by entering the nostril and exiting the mouth. The slow and relaxed movement of the catheter in the nasal passage can help clear up congestion and making breathing easier. This technique is also effective for all allergy cases, sinusitis, rhinitis, DNS (deflated nasal septum), migraine, headaches, asthma, and bronchitis. ​

Vamana Dhouti

Stomach cleansing through lukewarm saline/herbal water

Cleanse your body of harmful toxins with this yoga therapy. In this cleansing technique, the guest will drink hot water treated with lemon and/or a pinch of salt to induce vomiting. This technique can be effective for guests suffering from acidity, indigestion, cold, cough, asthma, migraine, and headaches. If you suffer from conditions such as stomach ulcers or colitis, you should avoid this cleansing technique. ​ ​

Triphala Eye Wash

Eye cleansing through herbal water

Cleanse your eyes with this revitalizing technique. Triphala powder is soaked overnight in water and strained before being poured into eye cups and applied to the eyes. This technique is used to clear impurities and debris from the eyes.

Yoga Postures


Sheetali and Sheetkari

Cooling breathing exercises and hissing breathing exercises

For Sheetali, the guest is asked to pull breath in through a rolled tongue and then exhale normally through the nose. For Sheetkari, the guest is asked to keep teeth clenched and pull breath in through the teeth and exhale normally through the nose. This practice is used to cool the body and quench thirst.


Breathing techniques

This practice involves voluntary regulation of the breathing pattern, using control over the rate in which inhalation and exhalation is performed. This practice brings down the respiratory rate and helps improve involuntary breathing patterns.


Psychic breathing exercises

For this technique, the guest sits in a comfortable posture with their eyes closed. The guest then inhales through the nose by congesting the throat, creating a hoarse gushing sound. This is repeated in the exhalation process too and should be carried out for 5 to 10 rounds.


Meditation is led through both group and individual sessions. Guests are given a basic intro on how to meditate and make it part of their daily routine and life. Ancient meditation practices such as Vipassana are used to cultivate greater awareness and mindfulness.

Surya Namaskar

Sun Salutation

This unique practice involves slow exercise, postures, regulation of breath, prayer and concentration. The practice is composed of 12 postures and 12 mantras (chants) where the sun is treated as God and friend. The exercise is beneficial for all the organs and joints, and doubles circulation all over the body.

Naadi Shodhanam

Alternate nostril breathing exercises

In this breathing technique, guests inhale slow and deep breaths through one nostril and exhale from the other nostril. This pattern is repeated 5-10 times and inhalation and exhalation alters between nostrils. This alternative breathing pattern brings balance to the left nostril (Chandra naadi) and the right nostril (Surya naadi).


Humming bee breathing exercises

​The guest is seated in a comfortable position for this exercise and practices inhalation and exhalation through a humming sound. This gives the effect of sound vibration all over the body and can release the mind of agitation, frustration, and anxiety.


Bellows breathing exercises

​The guest is seated in a comfortable position for this exercise and practices inhalation and exhalation through a humming sound. This gives the effect of sound vibration all over the body and can release the mind of agitation, frustration, and anxiety.


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